LED Headlight Replacement?

Has anyone replaced the head light bulbs (2015 and earlier) with LED lights, without having to mess with adding ballast resistors? I am looking at the Auxbeam LED headlights F-16 Series H4, and these look like they will work.
Thank for your input.
I rode in front of a guy in Tennessee during the week of teh Solar Eclipse, who had installed a set of LED lights into the factory GEN II housings and they were unbearably bright in my mirrors. I'll try to get in touch with him to find out what brand they were but he said, iirc, that they were a simple plug and play install.
Thank you Doug,
I learned recently that there is an issue with LED headlight bulbs that have a hood or shroud, and those that don't. The hood provides a cut-off that prevents dazzling other drivers. Even with a hood, I understand that the user has to re-aim the housing so the cut off is the same as the OEM bulbs..


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I think the problem you are faced with is that your factory headlight reflectors are designed to scavenge as much of light as possible from the extremely under powered halogen bulbs. Where as when you upgrade to hid or led it becomes a matter of focusing you new found light. My personal experience says that if you stay in the 5k to 6k range it will be a beautiful problem