Led lights


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Just fitted cyclops led lights to 1200gsa. No problems with mot a great investment and improvement
Was that the 8000 lumen kit Colin? I'd thought about them for my GSA. Did all the wiring fit inside the headlamp unit as per their video, and what is the beam pattern like. I often get flashed at night by oncoming vehicles as I always ride with my Kristas on (lowest setting) so was considering an LED conversion to improve the light from the single headlight.
Yes 4000 lumens each lamp wiring fitted inside of headlamps. A bit of a fiddle but worth the effort. Beam pattern OK no upset motorists and a happy mot tester
I got them from sport touring.
The light given off is so much cleaner I travelled up and down from Orkney and the improved viability is a god send
Had cyclops led headlight and indicator bulbs for about eighteen months passed two MOT's OK, tend to show the dip slightly high so a bit of adjustment needed or use the anti dazzle lever at the back of the headlight.
It's a bit of a struggle getting the ballast and wiring in the headlight shell but with a bit of patience and judicious fanangling it will fit.


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Cyclops ok for me personally as well...but. Öresundsbron's cameras always complaints I have too bright lights. And 90% car drivers hate me coming behind.