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The George A. Wyman Memorial Project, Inc., was started by members of the Iron Butt Association to link Wyman's epic and historic story to the modern sport of safe long-distance motorcycling.

The "Mission" of the Project is to; promote the Wyman story, mark the points along the way from San Francisco to New York City, educate the motorcycling community and general public of the historic significance of the Wyman accomplishment.

"Friends of George" - Join the Project, let's work together to bring the Wyman saga to the long-distance riding, motorcycle touring communities and the general public. Here is how you can participate in the Project:
  • Become a Sponsor: Sponsorship is open to individuals, groups, clubs, organization and businesses, especially motorcycle and bicycle dealerships*. Sponsor the Project at one or more levels: Plaque, Waypoint, Research and Support. Current Sponsor List
  • Waypoint Volunteer: Join the Project by taking on the mission to obtain authorized and secure mounting of a Wyman Waypoint sign and Wyman Memorial plaque at a location along Wyman's 1903 route. No Sponsorship donation needed, just volunteer your time and effort to coordinate with the community hosting authorities. Site visits to the hosting location, on your motorcycle, are encouraged.
  • Project Task Volunteer: Work with the Project management on special tasks to help meet it's goals and objectives. Help the Project build the infrastructure in the areas of; graphic design, website design and implementation, social media outreach, and fund raising marketing efforts, etc.
All Volunteers - The George A. Wyman Memorial Project, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization engaging in historical preservation and educational activities (47-3332474). Your generous tax-deductible donations pay for only Project direct expenses, related materials, services and fees to mark the points along Wyman's 1903 route, support the historical research or to help spread the Wyman story. The Officers, staff and volunteers of the Project do not receive compensation or reimbursement for time, travel or indirect expenses.

Contact the Project: [email protected]

The Bottom Line: It is up to US to keep the Wyman story alive? The Iron Butt Association and its members are uniquely suited to the job of promoting the sport of safe long distance riding. Help the George A. Wyman Memorial Project. Join the Project and let's work together...

"Linking the Past to the Present to Enrich the Future"