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When lockdown first started, like most people I was looking for things listen too, watch or read. I spent many hours on the internet deciding how to farkle my new R1250RT.
By chance I came across this website.


Justin Long produces the website and a podcast. Justin has completed in the last two IBR.

The podcast is great, very informative and funny. I would strongly recommend that all new or future members listen to some of the podcast they then understand why and how to do what we love.


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Listen to his interview of "Fatman & LTP" [Lynne the pillion]. Ride round Australia in under 10 days. Very good listening.
I wish it was in less than 10 days Hackle, that extra day to sleep would have been pure bliss, but no that IBA around Oz ride is less than 9 days to be successful.
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I obviously was having a brain fade. I new it was 9, but typed 10. 2021, god I hope it's a better year, and my brain fade disappears.


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Just had a look and there are some very interesting bits on this site.
Thanks for pointing this out .


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
latest podcast was released yesterday, it's about farkling 2018 Honda Goldwing. very interesting.