Looking for Ride Around Kansas advice

I searched and did not find a relevant thread. I’m most interested in info on road conditions, speed limits & areas of high enforcement, and things to watch out for.
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What little I can help (I havent done the RAK yet) is this:
At the gas station in Troy, the pump I used about a month ago printed me a bad receipt. Reciept inside was good but theyre not open 24hrs.
All the roads are pretty good with 'normal' enforcement. You may or may see a bogie. But you WILL see deer. The East half of the state is pretty well loaded.
Check KDOT for where construction is, its thats season.

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When I did it last year roads were in good shape. You might verify no closures on KDOT site due to high water. We have been having quite a bit of rain this spring. Speed limits generally 65 except through towns. It is doable but you will want to keep rolling. Have fun