M62 (westbound) closure


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Following a post on Facebook I did a bit of research and found that from 20:00 hrs on Friday night until 05:00 hrs Monday morning Highways England are closing the M62 westbound to carry out roadworks over a railway bridge between junctions 29 and 28.

I've created a diversion route and the sat nav files have been updated on the website. The only routes this will affect are A-North Clockwise and D-South Anti-clockwise.

All entrants will be sent a PDF document on the email update next week that gives full explanation and also shows the diversion on a map which is as follows:
1. Exit the M62 westbound at junction 29 (where it's closed).
2. Head south down the M1.
3. Exit the M1 at the very next junction (41).
4. Take the third exit on the roundabout to head north west along the A650 through East Ardsley.
5. Re-join the M62 westbound at junction 28 then carry on to Birch Services or Bangor.

The official diversion is up and around the M621 but as our riders aren't LGV trucks and will mostly be there before 05:15 this alternative diversion will add less than 10 minutes onto these two routes. :)


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Thanks for the heads up.
Came down the A9 and A1 from Elgin down to North Yorkshire the weekend before last Pleased to report no major roadworks except for a 7 mile stretch immediately north of Perth (down to 1 lane each direction and a 40 limit). Went up the M6 and M74 and no problems there either except for 1 lane of the M6 coned off and a reduced speed limit for several miles for no apparent reason....