Magic 12 - 16.05.2020 - IBA Germany

We are happy to organize the Magic 12 - 2020 for you.

We deliberately linked the Magic 12 - 2020 to the R2E for an easy starting into the Rally-world. Here you have the opportunity! Plan your route to the R2E as a photo safari. Visit the bonus points on the way to the R2E - without stress without hassle. It is a great opportunity to make the first "Magic 12 - experiences" in the circle of many like-minded people. From our own experience we know what a sublime feeling is, if you arrive after a great day at the rally team, share your impressions with others and everyone understands you! For us it is always a special experience to meet another participant randomly at a bonus point. It keeps memories for years that you like to share with others over and over again.

We will take you on small and even smaller roads, if possible away from the highways. We scouted all the bonus points ourselves and took pictures. This means: all bonus points are available and can be easily reached without hiking boots.

There is any kind of locations for every driver: the sculpture on the roadside, the village well, the enchanted bridge in the side valley or the memorial stone somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

If you have half as much fun on your self-planned route as we scouted .... then it will be a great day for all ;-)

We have deliberately waived the classic combos, as well as the shopping experiences during your tour. There are two mandatory breaks that must be complied (otherwise DNF) and a cap on allowed kilometers. The fact that you comply with the road-laws, neither endanger yourself nor other road users, not racing through the villages or entering pedestrian zones is self-evident and need not be mentioned separately. We want that you to have fun on your individual tour and no stress.

The bonus points are distributed over the federal states: Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and the Saarland. You can start from any place you like from 5.00 AM. The tank receipt with photo of your odometer and your Rallyflag are the starting document. The end of the photo safari is at 5.00 PM, until then you have to arrive at the destination hotel (even if you start at 8.00 AM).
It is your decision how many bonus points you dedicate, whether you concentrate on one federal state or on all three. Whether your route leads from home "directly" to the destination hotel or from A to B via C and D to the bridge in Miellen to the R2E and then to the hotel. The main thing is that you arrive safely and happily until 5 pm at the hotel.

So, did we make you curious? Fine! Because that's exactly what we wanted.

So now you just have to work through the following points:
1. Check your diary, look about 16 May 2020 is still free. If yes - sign up for the Magic 12 - 2020; if not free - postpone your existing date and then sign up for the Magic 12 - 2020

2. After your registration, you will receive further information about the hotel and more

3. Book early at the hotel (as limited room)

4. wait impatiently and follow the posts in the IBA Germany Forum and FB

We look forward to your registration
no matter if for the Magic 12 - 2020 or simply for the R2E

in this sense
Rainer & thomas


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Hi Rainer, Thomas,

You have made me curious, as to exactly which RTE this is being linked to. The European RTEs are in April and (presumably) June - so is this linked to some other RTE? If so, can you tell us which one, please?