March 14th Scampton, Lincolnshire


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Will be up about 6 depending on traffic there are a couple of restaurants in the area.

Bob M

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Went up to Lincoln yesterday to see Guy Gibson`s VC. The whole display is quite small and didn`t really take very long to go round.

Bob M

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Re parking. It all got a bit weary I`m afraid. Pulled in at the front of the Museum and went in to ask about the best place to park, thinking there might be a nice little spot for two bikes. But no-one was particularly helpful, so went round the block and pulled in on some space outside their café which looked ideal, however, got told to move them (the ladies in the café thought having the bikes there was fun and were very chatty, they thought being told to move was a bit jobs worth). The one thing they were helpful about was telling me we would be ticketed if we parked on the pavement. But we ended up on the pavement by some pedal cycle bays opposite the Café Portico. Didn`t get ticketed. I think someone has put that location in as a parking spot on an earlier entry. This is at Flaxengate j/w Grantham Street. There are 2 pay and display car parks very close by but they are quite small and were full up, one is opposite the entrance to the Museum in Danes Terrace, the other is at the back of the museum in Danesgate. It took longer to park than it did to go round the exhibition. Still the café there is fine.


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The parking location I posted earlier always have motorcycle there but I’m told that it’s not officially for motorbikes so there is a chance of being ticked. The nearest car park with dedicated mot bike bays is Broadgate about 5 mins walk away.
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The Pub have asked
(as there are more than the 5 that attended my last Ride To Eat) ;)
if we could pre order our meals, (they have a party of 16 Booked),
aAs well as looking like around 22 of us.
I provisionally booked for 12 thinking i could always Downsize :eek:

This menu, updated on Saturday 07th March 2020, will vary according to season and the availability of ingredients.

Starters and Snacks

Tomato and Basil Soup
with Toast and Butter. – £6·00

Smoked Salmon. – £8·00
ALFRED ENDERBY of Grimsby's Dry Cured Traditional Smoked Salmon is naturally smoked the traditional way, over slowly smouldering wood shavings.

Warm Foster’s Pork Pie
with Dressed Leaves and Piccalilli. – £5·50

Homemade Chicken Liver and Brandy Pâté
with Dressed Leaves, Toast and Onion Chutney. – £6·00

King Prawn Cocktail
with Malted Bread and Butter. – £6·50

Sandwiches served on Malted Brown Bread
with Hand–cut Chips and a Sweet Chilli Sauce. – £7·50

Dambusters Mature Cheddar, Chives and Mayonnaise.

Honey Roast Ham, Mustard and Salad.

Roast Beef (pink), Horseradish and Rocket.

Roast Turkey with Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce.


Battered Grimsby Haddock
with Hand-Cut Chips and Mushy Peas. – £13·50

Lincolnshire Sausage and Mashed Potato
with Cabbage, Onion Rings and Onion Gravy. – £10·50

Chiili Con Carne
with Wild Rice, Sour Cream, Cheese, Peppers, Jalapeño,
and Garlic Bread. – £10·50

Dambusters Burger with Smoked Bacon, Barbeque Sauce, Gherkin, Cheese,
Coleslaw and Hand–cut Chips. – £12·50

Lasagne Verde
with Parmesan Cheese, Garlic Bread and Dressed Side Salad. – £10·50

Nut Roast
with Melting Goats’ Cheese with Pickled Vegetables,
Dressed Salad and Sweet Potato Fries. – £10·50

Whole–Tail Breaded Scampi
with Hand–Cut Chips, and Dressed Salad. – £10·50


Warm Chocolate Brownie
with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce. ( GF ) – £5·50

New York Cheesecake
with Black Cherry Ice Cream. ( GF ) – £5·50

Warm Chocolate Belgian Waffle
with Salted, Caramel Ice Cream and a Chocolate Sauce. – £5·50

Sticky Toffee Pudding
with Custard. – £5·50

Apple Tart
with Vanilla Ice Cream – £5·50

Trio of Ice Creams: Black Cherry flavour, Salted Caramel flavour
and Vanilla flavour. – £5·50

Hot Drinks

A Selection of Teas or Filter Coffee or Hot Chocolate. £2·50

Kim Leeson

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I'm out guys, sorry...GSA is wounded, and other bikes not complete.

I have the room and tour booked if anybody wants either or both.

Kim Leeson

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Room and Collection tour sold...well free actually! :rolleyes:

Martin has kindly paid, so thank you Sir.
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Old Bike/New bike? All ok.
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Call me old fashioned but it's bangers and mash for me followed by a nice tart......;)
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