Martins Dambusters


RBLR1000 Finisher
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I arrived at the Premier Inn, registerd and got my head down early but failed to sleep much, I should have stayed at home in Lincoln and ridden up for the start for all the “rest” I got staying at the start.

The run down to the chunnel was all on familiar roads but due to the early hour nice and empty. It’s the first time I’ve used the chunnel (being mildly claustrophobic) but there were no dramas so will use it again.

Apart from a short run I’ve not done any solo riding in Europe so this was as much the challenge for me as the prospect of the miles to do. In the early hours I seemed to spend a lot of the time on my own and at times did wonder how far behind I was everyone, but occasionally I was passed or passed someone and all was well in my little world.

The stretch to the furthest petrol station was a bit of a grind as I knew it was simply to get the miles in, but the roads between the Dams were worth waiting for and enjoyable in the daylight. I’m not much of a photographer and my efforts at the Dams were a whole new low, but job done and time to head home.
I will admit I had a lot of fun on the autobahns and probably carried the speeds on a bit further into the ride than I should. I was consistently passing the same people, only to have to stop. fill up. and carry on. With a range of 150 miles on the NC750s I’m well used to this anyway and could have plodded along to save a couple of stops, but I was having fun.

The roadworks as we got back to Calais were a pain but my sat nav calculated quickly so all ok. I’m always impressed with the array’s of sat navs on some of the bikes but Co-Pilot on my smart phone has always done for me. Perhaps the advantage of multiple sat navs is mainly for Rallies?

I arrived at the back gate hoping there was going to be a space for me in the car park and was astounded to find there were only 5 other bikes there. Although I stop a lot I don’t linger, I just focus on finishing.

It was a great day spent in good company and I am eternaly greatful to people who spend their time organising events.