Maybe next year.


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I have been planning to do a Anzac ride for a while now, this year was to be a dawn service attendance, a quick 300km loop, an eleven oclock performance and then the balance of the Kms within the 24hr period... thing never go as planned:(. I completely ran out of routing options as i didnt finish my Anzac commitments until 22:15hrs at the Chidlow tavern. A nice lady recorded the some what relaxed performance ( compared whit that at the 11:00hrs service). I rate the stress of having so many people watching me so intently as being up there with a the anticipation that comes before a BBG.
anyway i survived the ordeal and hope fully will get the ride in next year



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WOW :eek::eek: That is a wonderful clip to remember your Anzac Day 2018 mate ! Somehow, I reckon that spending the day sharing your talent with an appreciative audience is possibly better than a solo distance ride.


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We never know whats in our distance riding mates till a gem like this comes up.
I had no idea of your life outside bikes.
Seems to me you fill it well mate.
Thank you for sharing this clip. Thank you for sharing your spirit.