Merry chrimbo you lot


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One day, Harry came upon a big long ladder that stretched into the clouds. He'd walked this way often, and this ladder was never there before.​
Curious and brave, he began to climb. Eventually, he climbed into the layer of clouds, and saw this rather plump, homely woman lying back on a cloud.​
She said, "Take me now or climb the ladder to success!".​
Harry figured success had to be better than this, so he continued climbing. He came upon another level of clouds, and found a thinner, cuter woman than before.​
She also said, "Take me now or climb the ladder to success!"​
Harry liked his advantage now! He climbed quickly and deftly, and sure enough, on the next level, he found a gorgeous, lithe, well endowed woman lying seductively on the cloud.​
"Take me now or climb the ladder to success", she huskily whispered.​
Harry couldn't believe his eyes, but his greed got the better of him. He climbed to the next level, expecting Aphrodite at the very least. Suddenly, the ladder ended, and a trapdoor closed behind him.​
He looks across the cloud to see a 400 pound, 6' 8" hairy biker with tattoos. The biker gets up and walks menacingly toward Harry.​
Apprehensively, Harry whispers, "Who are you?"​
The biker answers, "Hi!, I'm Cess".​
I remember my school teacher saying to me,​
"Nicholas, does every sentence that comes out of your mouth have to contain a vegetable?"​
"Not neccecelery, Miss", I replied.​

Just because you have a big nose does not mean you don't have to wear a mask
after all i still wear under pants.

were invented so wimmin could have something to moan about
even when they were happy:D

Middle of week 39
might see the new year in.
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