Mexico SS1000 Done!

Greg Rice

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I rode to Mexico last month and was able to complete a SS1000 there. I received my certificate from IBA Mexico / Asphalt Rats Endurance Motorcycling today.

Hi Greg Rice

On behalf of the Iron Butt Association Mexico & the Asphalt Rats Endurance Motorcycling we would like to congratulate you for completing the challenge Rat Ride-Saddlesore 2018 in Mexico, Done on December 28, 2018.

You not only have been certified by the Iron Butt Association Mexico (SaddleSore 1000) but now you also have been certified Asphalt Rats Endurance Motorcycling (AREM) Rat Ride 1000. So you just became a member... you are an IBA Mexico Rat Rider! Riding in Mexico is not an easy task, it can be hard and exhausting. Just as our President Michael Kneebone says, only a handful of riders can manage to finish an endurance ride in Mexico.



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Thanks for sharing that, Greg!

Actually, what was more impressive? That I could read most of the Spanish text from the cert - without having to consult Google Translate for everything.

¡Muchas gracias Sra. Jacome para el lecciones!

(High school Spanish teacher from...40+ years ago)