Minnesota 2020, 20/20 Hindsight

Next year the Minnesota 1000 will become The Minnesota 2020 and will be a 2-day event held June 11th thru the 14th.

The fun will start at Motoprimo on Thursday evening, with the Liars Banquet and BBQ. Riders will depart Friday morning and return to Motoprimo by Sunday morning.

We will look back on the most loved and most loathed TeamStrange bonuses over the years.

This won't be just a re-hash of old bonuses, but will include some new twists and turns to some legendary bonuses, in addition to new and fresh locations.

There will be burritos as big as your head, fainting goats, Lady of the night grave site, spider swaps, nudists. There could be bowling, Dr. Pepper, Hot Coffee, and without a doubt there will be Laura Ingalls Wilder. Oh, and I may have even found Love in Texas.

This will be about three weeks prior to Butt Lite X, so it will make for a great shakedown. Mark your calendars, arrange time off of work, take early retirement, whatever it takes!

Registration will open about 1/1/2020.

Watch this space for more info! Or http://www.teamstrange.com