Minnesota In State SS1K

This report is a study of numbers. How well did reality compare to the planned numbers, what the GPS said and what the bike said.

Spread Sheet

Total Miles: 1050

Average Speed: 55.6 mph

Stops 8 (Including start receipt)

Total time: 18:53:30

GPS: Garmin nuvi65LM

Trip A: 1058

Max Speed: 77 mph

Moving Avg: 60 mph

Overall Avg: 58 mph

Moving time: 17:36

Total time: 18:14


Total: 9 (Start, Stop, all gas stops, 2nd stop for corner receipt)

Start Time: 06:55:08 PM 09/23/2019

End Time: 02:05:48 PM 09/24/2019

Total Time: 19:10:40


Start: 93828.0

End: 94895.5

Total: 1070.5

Avg Speed: 55.6 mph Including stops

The quick analysis is that the actual ride took 17 minutes longer than the planned ride. Of that 17 minutes most was occupied by having to get a corner receipt at a second location due to no receipt being printed. (8 minutes round trip extra mileage plus buying a danish 7 minutes)


PS. Below is the rider report posted on ADV rider IBA thread.


Ride Report,


Ride: 1985 GL1200A Goldwing

Start: Monday, September 23 2019 @ 6:55 pm

End: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 @ 2:10 pm

Monday was a sunny day in NE MN. One of goals of the ride was to make it the Fall Equinox ride of the Four Season ride. Because of having work to get done in the morning and early afternoon, a later in the day start was a necessity. When originally planned the ride was designed to proceed counter clockwise, this was changed to clockwise so that riding through St. Paul would not occur during rush hour.

Went to move the bike and discovered a weak battery. Hooked up the charger and finished packing and then laid down for a nap. I may not sleep during this nap but having the eyes closed and relaxing gives my body a rest.

After the couple hour charge, the bike started without a problem. It would continue to have no problems during the ride.

The dusk leg was along Lake Superior heading towards Duluth. Hwy 61 is a twisty highway that is easily ridden in the daylight. At night reading the tightness and exit point of corners can be a challenge.

Jumped on the start of Interstate 35 in Duluth. (I35 has a split personality In the Twin Cities and in Texas) Took the I35E through St. Paul to Albert Lee. Stopped at Clarks Grove to get the corner receipt. After filling up with gas the receipt failed to print, the store was closed so no manual receipt. Headed to the truck stop south of I90 to get a receipt.

Receipt acquired headed west on I90. While riding we often smell what is happening in the neighborhood. While riding this section I smelled bread dough, the smell of yeast and flour.

The southwest corner of the ride was Worthington. Turning north the primary route was US59. The Garmon GPS did bypass several stretches just to rejoin the highway later. Most of the ride was in the dark. As dawn arrived the farms and fields became evident.

At US2 the ride turned east. The fall colors varied in the display of colors. At Grand Rapids the difference between the Google.Maps and Garmon became most evident. Garmon wanted to send me down US2 all the way to Duluth. Google had me heading to Hibbing. Using the printed copy of the route as a guide line, told Garmon to go to US169 in Hibbing. With this change the GPS matched Google for the rest of the ride. MN37 to US53 to St. Louise County 16 via Finland to HW61. Hwy16 does not get a lot of traffic but it is a paved County/Forest Service road that let my bypass most of the congestion on Hwy61.

The biggest challenge with the ride were my knees. I knew this before starting. The mind won the battle over pain but I will not attempt another IBA ride on this bike until this gets addressed.


Started the ride on Monday so it would qualify for the four season ride. First ride of the year included the summer solstice.


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LeMaitre, another successful ride completed, even with a slight receipt hiccup at the start. As the saying goes, plan the ride, ride the plan. Congratulations. I also have just recently [3 weeks ago] completed a SS1600. Also I have knee issues, something to do with too many long distance running events when younger. I use Voltaren gel on both knees and take two Nurofen tablets to ward off the pain. At the half way point I re-applied some more gel and took another two tablets. I started my ride at 1 minute after midnight and finished at 6 pm. that same day. No problems with the knees. I have raised t
Congrats!! I've heard that Minnesota has nice riding:p

Are you going to store the bike someplace down south, chance it, or trailer it for your other rides?
Given the forecast in the Farmers Almanac, I'll have to trailer one of the bikes for the winter solstice. Current plan is to rent a U-haul motorcycle trailer and head down to Oklahoma City around 12/18. Start the ride on 12/20 and head west. If I go for the BBG the turnaround would be Holbrook AZ.

Spring equinox I'll have to see how March behaves itself.

MN roads can be very twisty or straight depending on the region of the state you are riding in. NE MN has views of Lake Superior and twisty roads as you head inland.