Muster, LD Riding and COVID-19


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Funny, 30, seconds into the crisis and we run out of meds, PPE and our upper level health workers with weeks notice have done such a wonderful job in strategising and addressing this catastrophic issue. Well done boys and girls, I have such confidence in you, not!

Dan Simmonds

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Friends I have a plan...this will work in Australia too. Reckon I'll just sit on my Tenere and patiently wait until the hoarders receive their monthly credit card bill in the mail, their eyes turning big as saucers at the number owed, at which time they will have no choice but to return everything they bought 3 weeks earlier. Then I'll leap in and sponge up all the return items for 1/2 price because the stores won't have room on the shelves at that point! Always two ways to skin a cat...

Dicky Knee

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A friend of ours posted this on social media yesterday:
For the most part people are overwhelmingly kind and good, those who are physically aggressive over toilet paper have got a bit to learn hey?
I had the most amazing experience today and one which has blown me away. My husband is self employed in fixing and maintaining office equipment and it has been dead for a while. He has a second job which is within a complex of cinemas and restaurants, so I don't need to explain how that has changed (by the way we have 7 kids still at home, so Loud, crazy, busy place and no time to think too much). This has all been to explain our lives at the moment.

Anyway today I got a message from the mother of my daughters boyfriend to say she had got us some toilet paper and was going to the shops & asking what I needed, eventually I said some tomato puree and a few apples would be amazing... A little while later she arrives with eggs, bread, meat, salsa, crackers, pasta and a bunch of other stuff, she even went out of her way to find gluten free pasta for our 15 yr old who has coeliac.

This blew me away and this one incredible, generous lady wouldn't even take any money in fact she was offering to go to the city to pick up my daughter from work because she is terrified of taking the train. What an amazing woman, I really hope karma brings her some massive blessings

My heart filled with pride, love, and then I shed a tear.

You see, that good Samaritan............. is my wife.

I sure picked a good 'un.