Nearly there now :)


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So, with less than 48 hours before the start of this year's big ride and we have 109 riders signed up.

Here's where they're all going, with starts from 05.00 - 07.00 hours on Saturday morning:

Route A - North Clockwise: 46 riders
Route B - North Anti-clockwise: 40 riders
Route C - South Clockwise: 3 riders
Route D - South Anti-clockwise: 10 riders
Route E - 500 mile route: 8 riders

13 pillions, all doing the 1000 mile routes :cool:

2 riders have not yet decided which route they're riding :rolleyes: o_O

The weather isn't looking great with all riders expected to get a bit moist at some point during their adventures :(

Myself, Phil, Graeme and the other volunteers will be on-site at Squires tomorrow afternoon to welcome everybody and start checking riders in. Let's hope we get everyone turn up :p

Have a safe ride to Squires everyone :D
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We aint made of sugar, its the wee midges that scare me. Ride safe everyone, maybe see you en-route.
(How many pillions?)