Nesting a Leap Year SS1k inside of a BBG

I have a question on nesting rides. I understand that it is not permissible to nest a SS1k inside a BBG because the very fact that I completed 1500 miles within 24 hours means that I also completed 1000 miles within 24 hours. But considering the Leap Year cert, it requires at least 50% of the miles and time to be on 2/29. Would it be possible to complete a BBG starting on 2/28 @ 10am with at least 500 miles and 50% of the time of the nested SS1k occurring on 2/29? The plan is to leave Valley, AL 36854 at 10am 2/28, arrive in Houston, TX at the IN- N-Out burger at 10pm 2/28 then return to Valley, AL by 10 am on 2/29. Obviously I would need receipts at the start, turn around point and end of the BBG as well as a receipt that mark the start of the Leap Year SS1k (approx. 500 miles into the ride and around 6pm on 2/28). Would this nesting of a SS1k inside of a BBG be permitted?


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But nesting the Leap Year SS1k inside a Bun Burner Silver would be ok?
Let's review the basic rule for nesting rides. And that is, if one ride by definition is completed within another, we only issue one certificate. For example, as was correctly pointed out, everyone who completes a Bun Burner GOLD has by definition completed a Saddlesore 1000. But is the same true for the Saddlesore 1000/Bun Burner Silver (1,500 miles in 30 hours)?

The short answer is no. One could complete the BBS without necessarily completing an SS1K (e.g., one completes the first 1,000 miles in 24.5 hours but the BBS in 30). So yes, one could theoretically nest a Saddlesore 1000 within a Bun Burner Silver.

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