New England 1000

Has anybody completed SS1000s in all lower 48 states?
If not all; I'm pretty sure it must be close. It seems I read somewhere (either here or on the FB page) of some riders completing a SS in all states. I could be confusing it with a coordinated day where we have members from all 50 states complete a SS on the same day? My memory has been shot lately.


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With the IBR a week away, I would say after it's wrapped up.

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Thanks for weighing in on this. It's a cool accomplishment.
I have figured out nonrepetitive routes for CT, NH, VT, but am stymied with RI and DE. I'm sure we'd all benefit from any tips you might have from doing all the states, but especially the small ones.
I'm sure we'd all benefit from any tips you might have from doing all the states, but especially the small ones.[/QUOTE]
Delaware..i would try and change the start point at the north end each time. Wilmington, Bear, New Castle..
I would try to go down either side, alternating, the end point.
By criss crossing the State at the bottom had different routes, I could save a trip or two to the final outcome but get quick receipt. 24 hour gas stations were limited. I got a receipt in
Bethany Beach at Summer Salts before closing time and a photo. That would mark my time as well and I could add it to a lot later.
I started at Fenwick Island DE at a Dairy queen and start witness( no SPOT) that time. Just keep rolling, use a GPS and map, watch out and rush hour is north-south. I would try smaller inside East-west roads. Keep moving and 24 hours is very close. Diamond Motorsports was my end witness.
Rhode Island- much the same .find any road that 45mph is possible, I had SPOT that time, and vary your up-down paths. Make it fun, keep moving, get receipts, hard to plan an exact route when reversing the route works, do that. You will learn the late night receipt locations..
Be aware state borders, and you will be glad you didn't just do the repetitive route. There are 6 SPOT PINGS per hour or around 125 if it misses a few.
I went to farthest corners when possible like Madawasaka, Pittsburg NH, Westerley RI, Provincetown, MA.
I think Delaware had 39 get one and go, eat light.
Many thanks for the quick response and suggestions for us newer members. I have to second kwthom--that is a certificate that tells a great story--you are a modern Odysseus on a great Odyssey--and it took as long as his journey, too.