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What friend's have named my 2014 Hayabusa.
My # is 71825 on the IBA. My 3 rides were pretty easy especially compared to a failed attempt in 2009 on a stock DR650 netting 985 miles before a 2nd fuel receipt was unable to be obtained. 1st run 1170 miles in 24 hours.
After my son's graduation in San Diego from MCRD I rode to Tucson Arizona 400 miles. Got a room for a bit of rest then hit the road for just over 1100 miles home. Recived the e mail a few days ago giving me a IBA # :)

Short bike mod list.
ABM / LSL handlebar kit
Electronic cruise control
Flashed ECU
HWY Geared 19/42 v's stock 18/43
Penske 875 double clicker shock
Russell day long saddle
75 pound weight reduction
Givi V35 bags with a Honda PCX150 top case.
TPX radar
To much Titanium.



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75 pound weight reduction :eek: How?
Titanium. The stock exhaust is 49 pounds the titanium Muzzy is 9 pounds.
Shori battey saved almost 10
Rotors 2 lb
Penske shock 3 lb 12 OZ
Top clamp by ABM 4 LB
ABS delete 5 lb
Emissions 2 lb
Fuel cap 9 ounces
Gsxr1000 front fender saved 1 lb
Fender eliminater 10 OZ
85% of bike is Titanium hardware
There are many small items that save a ounce or even grams.
Wheels will save another 12 pounds :)
This bike kicks my FJR1300 in the pants.


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Avg 48 mpg 5.5 gallon tank. I have electronic cruise control. 13 to 14 hours in saddle never thinking about discomfort.
High mpg is 53 in the mountains just cruising with my wife. She rides a Bandit with her longest ride of 725 miles in 16 hours. She is considering doing a saddle sore 1000 this spring.

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All of my early rides (SS1000) were on my Hayabusa. Bigger screen, Heli bars, lowered pegs and a custom seat. I had added electronic cruise control and miles were not a problem. Great machine. When I say early rides they were all after turning 60.

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She's a beauty, I like the fuel storage concept (if that's what it was for)...always had a soft spot for the Blackbird as well, 2 fantastic machines.
Just noticed the RDL seat mine.