New Member Saying Hello!

Hey guys, I've just signed up so am stopping by to say "hello" :)

To date I've only done one official IBA ride - the SaddleSore 1000 on my Street Triple back in 2014. Anyway I've just signed up to the 2019 Brit Butt Tour to give me an excuse to head out to places I wouldn't normally. I'm hoping to complete one or two more long distance rides throughout the year, but am not committed to any yet.

Aside from the above, I am very much a solo rider. I'm most satisfied when heading off camping on my bike, but until now have remained firmly in the UK. Last year I took my bike over to France for a 10 day trip and absolutely loved it. I think I have the bug! :cool: A short trip to Cologne was next so I could visit the Christmas Markets. I am generally used to long rides, but want to work more on my endurance and stamina this year, as well as clocking up more miles and seeing more of Europe.

Thanks for having me!


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bippo, welcome to the land of the not quite right motorcyclists. Once entered you can never return. I wish I could go over to Europe for a couple of days, it's just a bit too far from Australia for that. I get to go "overseas" to Tasmania on a semi regular basis to do FarRides [Australian long distance riding group]. 2019 finds me with a few longer [IBA] rides planned, one will be a 50CC for about middle of the year. I will do it from Melbourne to Darwin, then pick up a FarRide in Northern Territory before returning home to Trafalgar in Gippsland Victoria. Cheers, and all the best for your longer goals in 2019.