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Hi all

just registered for the north clockwise route, I am wondering how busy the first mandatory stop is, do many just get a quick receipt and fill up at the next fuel station?



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In past years the first north clockwise checkpoint has been staffed so you could get your fuel log witnessed and signed as visited, don't see why it wouldn't be the same again this year. All will be revealed in the Friday evening briefing.


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Just checked my past itineraries. When the first checkpoint was staffed enabling you to get witnessed and signed as visited the checkpoint was at Birch Services on the M62, Rivington Services are another 18 miles further on the M61. It maybe this change was made to ease any congestion and what happened in previous years may not now apply.

If its any help I'm also riding Route A north clockwise. Plan 'A' is to leave Squires at 5:30 am and to fill up at Rivington once the dust has settled. My comfortable tank range is 160 miles and a fill up at Rivington means that I get to Fort William with just one more fill up, it also means I only need a third of a tank when setting off from Squires. If I don't fill up at Rivington I'd need a full tank at Squires and may need two fill ups before Fort William. Also worth noting I add another fill up on the southbound A1(M) so I arrive back at Squires with half a tank.

Calculate what fuel you need and where you're going to get it to get you to the next check point. Plan your ride and ride your plan.
Love the saying, not heard it before. I plan to fill up at Rivington and then at Abington on the A74, this will then last until fort William. I think I’ve gone a bit OTT with the planning but better to be safe than sorry


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We all over thought our first 1000 miler ride.

Now I just plan the route according to the mileage between check points, if that mileage is greater than around 80% of my tank range I'll plan equal distanced fuel stops in between the check points. I don't plan for refreshment breaks and take them as and when needed.

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///stands.broad.kinks - tesco is your friend junc 6 m61 up to 20p/litre cheaper you only then need a ticket for an over priced mars bar at Rivvy services but you do stop twice in short sucession but in the grand scheme largely irrelevent over 24 hrs


which is better than Abington services


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I like your thinking Ian but...

Start from Squires with a full tank and you only need 5 or 6 litres at Rivington any saving made on Tesco fuel will be eaten up by the detour and cost of the over priced Mars bar.

The Carlisle and Lesmahagow 24hr Tesco fuel stops are a good call and maybe useful since I could be accompanying a first timer with a 130 mile tank range. Otherwise I'll revert to my plan 'A' which was also to re-fuel at Abington which is just beyond my comfortable tank range, the extra 14 miles to Lesmahagow could be a mile or so too far for me.
Thanks Ian, what3words, brilliant, never thought of using that, especially as it can direct you to the point as well. Ideal if the sat nav gives up, have made route cards but the phone will be much easier to follow

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at preston might bridge a gap if you only use a gallon or so but gives that mileage comfort to get to Lesmahagow 24hr Tesco


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More good intel. Penciled in my notes. Our A plan to Fort Wiliam is ...
Rivington to Carlisle 102 miles via the A601(M) just for the novelty of it being the UK's shortest motorway, both sections add about 3 minutes and 2.5 miles.
Carlisle to Lesmahagow 72 miles
Lesmahagow to Fort William 130 miles

Very doable for a first timer with a 130 mile range tank
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I'll correct myself before someone else does. The UK's shortest motorway is either the A308(M) that links Braywick Services to the M4 at that oddly numbered junction 8/9 or the M898 that connects the A726 & B815 to the M8 & A 898 at the Erskine Bridge in Glasgow. I'll still do the A601(M) for the novelity of riding a short, single carriageway motorway.