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I had this email from Rolf who rode the RBLR1000 and lives in Nordkapp. If you go that way he would love to meet up

Hello - now my season is soon to end here in the north of Norway, and
I`m already planning for next year.

Had the pleasure to ride the RBLR 1000 15-16 of june with you, and it
was a great experience.

When I left on sunday I spoke with one guy who said he me bee the next
organizer for trips , and he also mentioned a trip from Britain to North
of Norway next year.

In that occasion I said that I would be Intrested to join , meet the
group in ex, Oslo and ride as guide the 2000 kilometers to my home in
august - which will be the safes month regarding to weather conditions.

I`ll taking that trip in Norway the last 14days of this month, to get to
now it better, haven`t done it by bike before.

So if you can use me - just say--

Rolf-Arne Nicolaisen