Our very own Malcolm Milne is famous!


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Well done young fella, I remember having green eyes looking at your fairly new black GTR at the first Tottenham FarRide. The duct tape on the back tyre is my favourite story of those 300k.

Best have a quiet ale/red at the Border Run to celebrate.


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Well done Malcolm, Great article to read and shows us all we have a way more in us to go at our age.
All the best for your next 300k



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Ditto what you said Russ, if I can keep doing those miles anywhere near that age, I'll be very happy.
Malcolm is certainly a modest achiever.


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I have always been inspired by the way he just quietly just gets on with it ....he's probably hating this thread right now.

Well done Malcolm.


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-“It’s not about speeding, it’s about planning and managing fatigue which is crucial. You spend more time planning than riding. In researching about fatigue, there are aspects to think of including diet, hydration, utilising power naps, signs to look out for when becoming fatigued and you need to act on those when they turn up which is vital,” Malcolm commented.