Owls Armistice 1000

you know what they say, only birds and fools fly during the day and only owls and bloody fools fly at night.. with this in mind at 2200hrs on 16th November 2018 this bloody fool left Doggets Lane Shell on the A 12 at Marks Tey on the Black Pearl for his attempt at the armistice 1000. I had really wanted to make the attempt on the 11th but personal issues and a minor motorcycle glitch meant i had to postpone take off.
The route was to be the southern clockwise route, route c so all the relevant sat nav files had been loaded, the panniers packed and route notes made. I was aiming for a time around the 21 hour mark....well I am the eternal optimist. The plan was to do the easier roads during the night, roads I am fairly familiar with from my truck driving days and have daylight to do the bits i didnt know.
Marks Tey to Brighton.. straight forward, roads were clear traffic wise but there was a constant mist and very soft drizzle. arrived at the BP in Brighton at about 11 45... fueled and then on to Exeter. I made good time as far as Southampton the the weather got nasty, mist, very patchy fog so the speed was right down. stopped at Ringwood for a cup of coffee then pressed on. Made Exeter at about 03.45' comfort break and another coffee then on towards Haverfordwest with a fuel stop at Cardiff West and a short toilet stop at the services at the end of the M4. Reached Haverfordwest, fueled, coffeed and on the way again at 0830 ish.
really enjoyed the leg from Havefordwest to Bangor, some of the scenery was fantastic.
Reached Bangor and fueled at about 12 30 and took a 20 minute break before pressing on towards Ferrybridge. On the way I started to feel drowsy so stopped at Hartshead Moor. as an ex truck driver I know that they have pretty decent showers there so had a quick shower, a double espresso and headed out feeling much fresher and more human. The fuel stop at ferrybridge is instead of the squires checkpoint. arrived there at about 3.30 pm fueled, guzzled some water and a protein bar then headed for Lowestoft... the first part went ok but the A17 was horrible with traffic, with very little opportunity for a safe overtake so I wound up following a Post office truck almost all the way to Norwich. Once on the bypass I made steady progress towards Lowestoft where I fueled at the tesco at about 19:15. A canned drink then heading south towards home. I was feeling weary by this time so took it nice and steady, I was going to make it with time to spare..not much time but time never the less. I pulled into Doggets lane Shell , my start point at 21.02 hrs...
1041 miles showing on the odometer and an elapsed time of 23hrs and 02 minutes. Once I had my receipt then I made my way home.. 7 miles from the shell station.
Would I do it again, probably not..running alone for so long at night in fog and mist is tiring. There were times I just settled down and followed the lights ahead for a while just to give me a break. But it was to acknowledge something special, the sacrifice of so many during the wars, and I did put up a giving page and coaxed over £300 from my friends and family for the poppy appeal which by the time tax relief is added is nearer £400.
I hope I have met the criteria, sent everything off with photos of receipts, and I used route c so am fairly sure the mileage will be right but whatever happens, I know I have done the ride.Thats me for this year but watch this page, the Owl is flying again in March for the Dambusters 1000


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I really enjoy hearing about rides in other countries, and having ridden a big t in the U.K. I have some understanding of what you describe.

Well ridden and well written up, thanks!