OX-34 - Lap of Australia on Highway 1


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Great recognition for a great ride. I'd like to see the problem of that detour solved. It takes nothing away from the achievement, would just be good to do the whole thing. In the hands of the road/bridge builders I guess.


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I've just had a couple of vehicles head across that road and they said it was a highway with not water across it. Of course it is a different story in the wet.

Alan Doak

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I heard your interview on Long Rider Radio Peter, and now you have piqued my interest. It sounded like a great ride. I was accepted on the IB Rally for this year but had to withdraw because I couldn't find the money. But a hop across the Tasman from NZ and a hire bike sounds like a great opportunity, too good to miss. I'm in NZ and as you probably know we can't ride a very long way before having to turn around and head back the way we came.

Have been sitting down tonight with Garmin Basecamp open to look at the route. Would be keen to read more detail, or see pictures if you have any.