Phone cover


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iPhone X, water resistant without a box or cover. Been in monsoons with it mounted on the bike and never a problem.

Jim Craig

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My iPhone X mounted in a Ram X mount on the handlebar stopped working after I was caught in a rainstorm for several hours coming back from Colorado (on a SS1000). Took it to the Apple store and they said it was my fault for getting it wet - water resistant is not water proof. I'd ridden before in the rain and not had a problem but I guess over the long haul at high speeds in freezing rain water resistant doesn't cut it.

I buy a cheap waterproof case off of Amazon for every phone now and keep it on the bike in case I get caught in the rain again. I only use the waterproof case on the bike since it's not really designed for everyday use.


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It all depends on the IPX Rating, and I have used zip lock backs on several Garmins also with good results.

I'm a refurbished phone on Amazon or Ebay guy usually get something in the $200 Range a couple years behind the cutting edge.


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Lifeproof used on three phones, used on a iPhone 4, se, and 6 plus, never a drop Of water. Can’t use the Touch ID, but I have a stylus velcroed to bike. The case outlasts the phones due to children...


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Another option: I recently purchased a Blackview BV5500 Pro unlocked Android phone from Amazon for $140. This is a IP68 ruggedized waterproof phone. The camera isn't great and performance isn't cutting edge, but if you just need a smart phone to run Google maps, send messages, any maybe play music, it does the job. So far it performs WAY better than the $400 Kyocera Duraforce Pro I had previously. And as an unlocked phone it doesn't have any of the carrier-specific bloatware.

And of course, there is added peace of mind knowing that I'm not risking a $1000 phone to the elements.