Photographs of intermediate gas stops


I recently completed my first IBA TOH Extreme in Michigan. I was well "mentored" by friends who are seasoned IBA riders as to the procedures and everything is well documented. Yet, I have a question.....I know I need my start and end receipt photographs to also show the bike's odometer, but, do I need photographs showing the odometer also at my intermediate gas stops? Or do I just record the mileage on the receipt?

Thank you.


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Ever since I started taking photos of receipts, I've taken them at *nearly* every stop since then. Having the receipts, and missing one isn't going to be the end of the world.

As long as you have documented the odometer on each receipt - and you submit copies of *all* receipts, and *all* photos of odometers with receipts, then the entire story can be put together. Along with your log of the stops you did. Think of it as totality of evidence needed to prove you did what you said you did.

For me, photo of receipt & odometer at each stop is a *lot* easier to do.


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Well, the rules say:

"- Take a picture of your fuel receipts (at least every 350 miles/560km or less) along with your bike's odometer in the frame."

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Thank you for your replies.

I swear I read everything I could about my question before posting it! Really! I thought I did! My dead grandmother will document this! LOL.
Seriously, thank you for setting it straight. I do indeed have the odometer with every receipt and a SW track to indicate the gas stops and TOH stops ,as well as the documentation from the Tour of Honor. I even bought a couple permanent makers that work like clickie pens because I kept losing the black cap in the night!

Again, thank you.