Pics from Port Melb


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Sorry for the delay in these pics..

Who would want to get out of bed early on a cold morning to go to Port Melbourne by 4am on a workday to see off Glen, Ed and Russell on their recent 50CC attempt to Darwin.

Well their are some that think that would be better than sleep. So a plan was hatched to see off the intrepid ACT trio from the start. Derrick, Nev, Philmor, Wingman, Lynne the Pillion and I were waiting at the United servo but became worried when their 4am start time ticked over only to have us there. A quick call to Glen and I could see we were at the wrong petrol station, bugger...

So with that we thought well they have to get on the Westgate bridge were we were located so we walked to the on ramp and waited, and waited, then they appeared out of the darkness. A quick "good luck" and they were gone.

It was great to see the boys even for the short time it was, unfortunately their ride didn't work out as planned but that is another story....

Waiting, waiting Philmor, Nev, me, Wingman with Derrick up the road in the distance

Glen pulling up

Glen looking happy


Ed with Russell in background

By this time they were getting a bit edgy and wanting to get some air in their faces, so they did

It was good to see them even though only for a short time. Thanks to Derrick, Nev, Philmor, Wingman and of course LTP who all thought that this is better than sleeping... And they were right!

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Thanks to all there! I came around the corner to see some hobo vagrant trying to flag me away from the on-ramp, I was pointedly ignoring him until I realised at the last second that it was Derrick! Great to see everyone very briefly, thanks for coming out on a cool Monday morning! /shame we weren't able to do it more justice.