Pines to Palms - No Canada, eh?


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Well, who else is contemplating a no-Canada "Pines to Palms" run?

"Getting to Minnesota’s Northwest Angle by road remains an exercise in futility for everyone but permanent residents or essential workers because of Canada’s border closure restrictions, but a group of Angle residents and resort owners has banded together to come up with an alternative for the upcoming winter tourism season.

A winter road is in the works from the south end of Lake of the Woods to the Northwest Angle mainland.

The Northwest Angle Guest Ice Road, as it’s being called, will only be accessible to those who purchase a pass and eliminates the need to drive through Manitoba to reach the Angle, which is surrounded on three sides by Canada and reachable from the U.S. only by crossing the lake."

(Not 100% sure how you can limit people from driving on a public lake... but I'm sure we can manage)
Let's see a dirt bike with super low pressure tires (think fat bike) to get accross the lake then road tires for the rest of the journey. I think the speed boat ferry might be a better option come May. ;)


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I was thinking studded, decent knobbie-d tires on a road-legal dirt bike or dual sport, with a a second set of tires some place off the ice road. We don't have any white stuff here in southern MN currently... which has got my brain spinning even more :p