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[QUOTE="I even carry an active break down vest now. Takes up less room than a rain jacket.[/QUOTE]

That is a really interesting vest. Having recently gone from a riding suit with some bright bits (BMW StreetGuard 3) to a stealth black one with effectively no reflectivity (Dainese G Stradon/Lontan) I have compensated by sticking reflective tape onto my helmet but for the first time I am seriously considering a bit of ye olde glow-in-the-dark for the night sections.


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Picked up a flouro vest at Aldi today while shopping for food. go figure.
I wear the stuff at work all the time and I can see the benefit of the reflective strips at night when car headlights pick up pedestrians around the work site. My BMW Tourshell touring jacket is black. I wouldn't walk around work in black at night, so not sure why I have been riding in "black" for so long. I'll give it a go and see what I think. XL to fit over my jacket.