Qickest sealed route from tsv to adelaide


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Have posted on another forum but wanting to get good spread of info/advice.

Looking to get down to Adelaide from Townsville in the shortest SEALED (or amazingly guaranteed good unsealed) route possible whilst doing a verifiable ride.

The attached map is one that was suggested as quickest and most economical according to his Rider 450 gps gizmo.

Any further recomendations greatfully recieved .

Dates of travel will be early mid December.



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OX ... that was my original process but I'm unsure of the roads along the route highlighted in either blue or grey.

My main concern is the road surface...
I'll be on Honda ST1300 so not really keen for rough unsealed.

You have been that way haven't you? .... I'm not worried about the heat so much but more the road surface.


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Walgett to Bourke was pretty ordinary the last time I rode it, tar but bumpy. Some fairly serious too country about the 1200 k mark as well.


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OK ...... revised route are as follows.

I have put in the petrol / bum rest stops and the sleep over at the Lightning Ridge Artesian Baths..... are the baths warm???? lol.....

So I leave on an IBA ride to visit family in Adelaide and this is my revised route. I decided to go this route as its a little more travelled and the roads just looked a little more ...... shall we say 'friendly' for this ride.

Any thoughts or advice or general musings?.....all appreciated.

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Very dry out West atm, little sand dunes are appearing at farmers fencelines where they've ploughed fields close to the road. There's less than ideal grip in fast corners under these circumstances. Still jealous, will be an amazing ride.