R1250RT Second Sat Nav

Hi Guys, I was supposed to be attempting my first SS1000 this month but the UK lockdown for COVID-19, like every where else, had scuppered thoes plans for the moment. In the downtime I have been looking at some changes and additions that I want to make to my motorcycle. One of these changes is to add a second sat nav unit. Idealy I would like to mount it up high, not on the bars, around the area of the factory fitted unit but I have had little success in tracking down any information. I have a few ideas of my own, but do any of you ride an LC RT with a second sat nav mounted higher up than the bars? Some photos and a quick description would be very helpful.




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I no longer have pics of my RT set up but what you want is some sort of shelf, such as one from RCU designs. Not pretty but functional no doubt.
Engineering ugly as well though. On further investigation the mounting threads are just threaded tabs nuts fitting over plastic lugs. I can't see them lasting long with the weight of the shelve and a second sat nav bouncing and vibrating away on them! Mounting.jpg

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...or something like this...yes I'm anal, especially as the NAV6 started ghosting again yesterday, (second unit).
Good to have at least a second unit.