Rally Planning and discussion session 30 March Brisbane

I will be staying in Brisbane for three nights and on the evening of the 30th( Wednesday) will be happy to make a presentation on the rally planning tools i use.
If there are riders who would like to have a session on rally planning, even if there is no intention to ride one, I will be happy to lay the process out.
I appreciate a mid week time line will limit peoples ability to come along, so the numbers will be fairly small, however it is also the only time i have available before heading off continent again.
All that will be needed is a head count.

It will also be nice to meet up with the old faces and meet some of the new.

any takers? contact me and CC Clint via pm please.


Ian, thank you very much for offering this session up for riders to attend.
Having been to one previously which you presented, I must say it was well worthwhile. Whilst my rallying skills are, how can I describe this....dismal, I found the information extremely valuable even for planning rides.
I would recommend that if anyone has the opportunity to attend then they take the time to do so. The information will be beneficial for those that have an interest in Iron Butt Rallying or IBA rides.

Martin Little

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That's very generous of you. I won't be able to make it to Brissie for the 30th but all the best and I hope you get out for some local riding.



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Tabledrain thanks mate this was a great session learnt so much. Certainly not really to do the ironbutt but learnt the little things that make the job on the long nights so much easier. Thanks mate tanks C&C for the cake and tea