RBLR 1000 2018

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We all have a check list that's the basic model you can then make it as complicated as you wish,
anyway 0500 16/06/18 squires café myself and a friend Andy Burnside {a fellow marshal at the Classic racing Motorcycle club www.crmc.co.uk} whom I got interested last year asked if he could accompany me as this was his first time.
Uneventful ride to Birch then up to Glasgow, weather predicted heavy rain they were depressingly accurate it started once we got over the Erskine bridge through Glencoe up to Ft William, as we passed the commando memorial at Spean Bridge to find this cage driver doing a three point turn on the right hand bend by the entrance as he had missed the turn after I had voiced opinion on his parents marital status and the depth of his intellect we kept on to Inverness weather slowly improving.
Sat nav,s why do they on occasion have a mind of their own at Drumnadrochit on the A82 it said turn left after a quick discussion we decided to follow it out of curiosity it made a change.
We passed the collision on the A9 apparently a classic SMIDSY the rider seriously injured best regards and a speedy recovery.
The weather slowly improving as we got further north got to Wick before we saw blue sky, best part about the road from Inverness to wick is you have to turn round and do it again:D
The A9 south of Inverness must be the most boring sleep inducing road ever built might return via the A82 next time however good run south to Edinburgh the new Forth road bridge caused some confusion getting to Dreghorn services bleeding sat nav again but we got there.
On the last leg now not sure why the stop at Berwick-on-Tweed is necessary, the A1 south was quiet hardly so a nice run back to Squires arriving at 0230 Andy Burnside was well impressed and wants to do another SS ride another recruit for insanity.
The bike ran perfectly but blew the oil seal on the final drive and is on the bike lift awaiting parts if I can't get it done by next weekend for the RTE I will be in the car.
John Morning
Got to the RTE at the Woodbridge Inn final drive leaking oil again BASTARD, got recovered home by Motorcycle SOS arrived 1030 got home 1400 top class.
On inspection the shaft has some pitting which is tearing the oil seal nothing to be done about it so I went for the nuclear option and ordered a new final drive. El mucho dinero.
I feckin hate bikes.
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I've heard so many horror stories regarding BMW final drives it has put me off ever buying a BM.
They use the same unit on the K1200/1300 twice the power and no problems because they have a smoother power delivery from a four cylinder engine rather than two big hammer blows from a twin service life is up to 50K or anytime before that.
The 1100/1150 RT/GS units will do 100K because they are a heavier build, you are right if I were in the market for a new bike it would not be a BMW their build quality now is horrendous.
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