RBLR1000 Open for entries


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Tee shirts will only be available for pre ordered on entry. To allow for production they will cease to be offered.

So we if you want a commemorative tee shirt enter before 1st May.
Hi All,
I've just joined, total newbie.
Real name John
I'm going for North anti clock as it seems to have better chances of refuelling throughout the 24 hour period.
I have a Harley 883R with the 12.5 litre tank, generally getting 100-105 miles to 10 litres so currently planned 14 stops between Leeds and Leeds.
I would really appreciate any advice or help anyone would care to offer.
I've been building up my distance riding, and will continue to do so. I've topped 500 miles in a trip but still a lot to do/learn.
Hopefully see you in June


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Get yourself a good nights sleep i.e B&B or hotel the night before, as you have such a short range get on google maps and find fuel points between the five main stops which you have to get a receipt to show the route the trick is don't faff around at fuel stops that 's where you lose time.
Carry a spare 5 ltr fuel can and use it that should give you 140 miles? that will make life easier make sure you start/finish with a full can so the amount matches the mileage, or get a bigger fuel tank on the old tassel tractor:D
You aint posing down the local cafe, good warm base layers water proof boots and outer clothing ie gore-tex spare gloves and neck tubes be warm and comfortable, this ride takes place near midsummer but at two AM in the north of Scotland at your lowest point will be cold.
avoid large meals as the body wants to rest and digest therefore you get sleepy so light snacks dried fruit & nuts breakfast bars try to avoid chocolate & coffee high burst of energy and a rapid fall off the peak, stay hydrated quick drink of water NOT energy drinks at every stop no reason to run low on water most fuel stops sell it.
When you get to the main stops get your self a hot drink and a hot snack treat yourself carry chewing gum keeps your mouth fresh or stop and clean your teeth it will perk you up.
Take any prescription meds you have normally, paracetamol or ibuprofen for aches & pains you will get plenty.
This is your ride look after No1 if you can't keep a constant speed on the long boring motorway bits start making stupid mistakes ie not doing your usual neat overtake forgetting your life saver or indicating stop for ten minutes walk around get the blood circulating and drink water have a snack clean your teeth nothing worst than having a gob like a Moroccan camel drivers flip flop:D
If it gets too bad just stop get a kip the ride can always be done next year.
Thanks mate, it's a long time since I did any long distance driving, and that was hgv. Completely different. The tooth trick sounds good, also the leaving off coffee etc. I was wondering about a fuel can, so that's good.
Hope to see you on the day