RBLR1000 Open for entries

Hi All,
I've just joined, total newbie.
Real name John
I'm going for North anti clock as it seems to have better chances of refuelling throughout the 24 hour period.
I have a Harley 883R with the 12.5 litre tank, generally getting 100-105 miles to 10 litres so currently planned 14 stops between Leeds and Leeds.
I would really appreciate any advice or help anyone would care to offer.
I've been building up my distance riding, and will continue to do so. I've topped 500 miles in a trip but still a lot to do/learn.
Hopefully see you in June
Hi John, looking at the ride statistics there are only two H-D's taking part - I'm the other one ! If you see me at Squires grab me for a coffee.

Fuel range should not be an issue for you - I've done the northern route on a bike with a 4.5 litre tank/120 mile range and, whilst had two one litre fuel bottles with me, I never needed to use them. As has been suggested the best approach may be to carry a spare fuel can simply to avoid the stress/worry factor.