Reports fron 8hr Iceni Rally 2016


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Mark and John checking the riders in on Friday Night at the Travelodge

Robert and his pillion (Handicap) planning their route over a beer

Johannes with Roberts Flag. I blame John Young for that!! The pillion has to be in every photo so you may as well fix the flag on him. Makes it harder to loose it

Saturday Breakfast at the Travelodge

Histon British legion club checking their route before the off

Trophies for the 1st 2nd and 3rd and best Rookie

10 minutes before the off

17 riders left the start
Can't wait to hear more. Packs went out to 28 entrants yet only 17 riders departed. Did all 17 get back? Usual suspects amongst the prizes or any surprises?

Be lucky, Iain


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Bear with, I'll put some more info on this evening. Oh, and we had loads of drop-outs in the week leading up to the rally.


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ICENI Rally 2016 - a Pillion Review :cool:

Who does not like to know how to get a good result in a rally?

The ICENI Rally was my chance. As a sportsman Robert was looking for a handicap for this short rally so that people won’t say: “ahh… you always win, that’s unfair…”. By the way, it’s not unfair; it is a result of experience and training.

But I saw my chance to have a view behind the curtain and raised my hand to be a 200 pound handicap pillion. With such a pillion like me you can’t accelerate and break as riding alone. It’s a lot more physical stress.

The preparation:

After all we like to win the rally, that’s normal, isn’t it?

The big points at the coast did not look like a winning route because of a rather low average speed there. Different routes were calculated and optimized by points per mile. Robert prepared a tour with some additional points in case we were faster than expected. He prepared laminated sheets that he attached at his back with Velcro so I could see the locations and photos to avoid any mistakes.

The flag was attached to my braces so I could not loose it and put it inside my jacket while riding. The aim was to not lose any time at the bonus location stops. The plan was that I would jump off the bike and Robert would take the pictues on the bike.

The rally:

The riders started at the same time. Due to the good position at the head of the cue we were ahead of the whole pack soon. Despite riding very disciplined, we got into a competitive mood. I had to firmly hold on to the grab rail in order not to come off the bike!

At the first bonus point location we saw a few fellow riders and it looked that John Young was very motivated... After a while we thought that John seemed to be ahead for we had but we lost contact.

If you want to keep a high average speed you have always to avoid slowing down where it can be avoided and you have to overtake where possible. I know Robert's riding style very well and feel always safe and relaxed.

We headed for the locations always looking for the rally master's challenge that provided some extra points: war memorials with a wreath or some poppies.. But we found only one and another one that was already part of our route. We decided to take a second picture each and to claim them as well.

Beside some smaller misses when Robert did not take the correct turn it looked good. In the afternoon we had to fill up in Norwich and used this opportunity to get a drink and some sandwiches, munching them while we continued on our route.

The small countryside roads of East Anglia did not allow to go at a high speed. It became clear that we couldn't pick additional bonus point locations except one. After 3 p.m.I incrementally lost my body tension and could not avoid pushing against Robert's back. He still could hold the speed high, but the sat nav told us that we were losing minute by minute and that we would arrive late at the finish. I saw Robert calculating with the sat navs and was confused that the next stop was not one as planned. He chose to drop one easy location with the lower points value at the cost of a late arrival. Time calculation showed that we would come 7 minutes too late.

That’s the difference, I never would have chosen to pick an additional point in this situation, I would have cut three points instead.

Robert had in mind that the last miles were a quick ride on motorways. In the end we reached the Rally HQ four minutes before getting any penalty points. We successfully claimed the visited points and…Won!

Yeah - my first first place in a rally. :)

Probably it’s the last one as well :rolleyes:, because my riding will not be as consequent as Robert's and I could not keep that speed in the afternoon. In the end a little luck is necessary as well.

I got two DNFs :eek:at IBA rallies up to now. I can say one can be proud to finish a rally, even a short one. The first place is really another thing.. And to John: a second place is always an honor and not failure…

So thank You to Mark and everyone who helped to create this good rally!

Report of Robert:


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Nice write-up Jo. A small glimpse into the mindset of one of our conisistently best rally riders, and will most likely make you a better competitor in the future too. :)

Roll on Septemeber 2017, for the third and final Iceni Rally before our 8 hour novice rally heads to another area of the country under a new rally master. :)