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The pertinent part being that for timed rides, they are extending the limits. For individual rides like the 50CC they are not checking dates to verify if it was or was not done during a SIP orders for that location. Verification teams are backed up enough as is. Go for it and good luck on the ride.

So Mike just got back to me. May will be handled the same way as April. Here's the revised statement:

For those that are trying to complete rides with time lines: the National Park Tour, Pressed Penny Insanity, Lighthouse Insanity, 100,000-mile year, etc. We will extend those timelines as needed to complete the ride. Right now that means we are blind to April AND May 2020. For example, if you are pushing the one-year NPT time line, we expect to add an extra two months to the normal 12-month time line. But to take advantage of that, you can't collect stamps/pennies/lighthouses now and add extra time on the back end to collect more. That is not the intent of this relief.