Ride Certification

Is there any way to check if my submittal has been received? I realize it can take a while to process however I sent mine by mail and the others in my group sent theirs through the internet. I had problems with the file size so I couldn't do it over the internet back then.

Anyhow, everyone in my group has received confirmation, paid on line and two have received their packages. If my letter has not been received I now can send it over the internet but don't want to do that with a check for the payment in the mix.

Can anything be checked?


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Right now, it can take 12-14 weeks for us to complete a verification. If it''s been longer than that, please let me know.

FYI, for future reference, as the rules page states,

"If you are concerned we received your documents and live in the U.S., we recommend "Delivery Confirmation" (a product offered by the Post Office that allows you to track a letter or package via an 800 number, e-mail or the internet)."

Ira Agins
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Thank you, I misread about the Delivery Confirmation on the website and lumped it into the other mail options we were told not to do. My error. Thanks again.