Ride Report. Around the big paddock (around Australia on highway 1)

Here is our ride report from the Around the big paddock.

Apologies about the number of PDF's but it was the only way we could get it to save. There are 6 files in total.


What a great read, thank you for sharing your adventures with us.
It was great to watch the ride unfold from the other side of the world while waiting for my adventure to begin.
Congratulations again to the two of you.
Glad we could entertain you, as you did once we returned. ;)

There is no doubt you are both the right sort of crazy..Well planned, well executed, well written, well bloody done to you both
Crazy coming from you :confused: you so make me laugh. Thanks for popping out to see us along the way.... now that's crazy :eek:


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I think there could be a few more attempt this challenging ride in the future. If so I am sure they will have as much fun as we both did.

Thanks for reading our report everyone and for your well wishes. We both had a ball on this challenging ride and to my surprise there was no time that I did not want to get back on the bike and keep riding.

We both only looked at the next fuel stop and never focused on the more than that, I think that is a big part of succeeding with the longer rides otherwise my small brain would most likely explode!

Thanks again for your support.