Ride to Eat 2017 Nr 1 Luxembourg


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Bad news, I've got the flu with fever and fatigue. Will not be able to participate in the first RTE in Luxembourg. Wish you all a lovely trip o many good laugh during the meeting.
Best regards
Dan Ageland
Better late than never; we decided to collect some more patches ...
Just booked a room in the IBIS for the 2 of us.
Evening meal - yes.
Please put us on the list.

Doris & Werner
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Mr Brit Butt Tour
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Have a right good trip all and steady away in Calais Friday Night
I will be thinks of you all take care Coxy

John Broom

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It's was the first weekend in February that I rode about 500 miles no problems. Today went to start the bike and the battery is deader than a dodo. Won't even take a jump. So Wheels in Peterborough will have to sort it tomorrow. Maybe a bit later getting to Calais
Hi guyz, enjoy yourselves! Again I can't do it, but this time for other reasons, related to future "descendance" and paternity ;)) (scheduled in May) --> still have to discuss the hot topic (motorcycle & risk management vs. responsibility) with the mother! ;))
Have fun and cheerz! ++n


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Left bath at 415 Fri after work. F1 motel in Calais for night. Woke up to ice on bike and 0 deg c. 150 miles later fog cleared at Mons in Belgium. Stop for 1St fuel and sandwich. I'll be at square around 2pm to soak up the atmosphere. Only 450 miles from Bath.
I hope Graeme remembered his flag. IMAG3257.jpg

John Broom

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Thanks to all who organised the RTE, and for everyone who was there making my first ever RTE a memorable one.
Sorry that I could join you in a drink, but had to be back today as we are well into packing the house up ready for our move.
Hope that you will all join me in The Jolly Farmer. Moulton Chapel, Spalding, Lincolnshire for a meal and a drink of real ale.
Ride safe every one


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My first experience of an ERTE by car (Linda wouldn't come pillion) exposed an additional planning requirement that I hadn't considered: know where there's car parking available near the meeting point!

We had a brilliant trip and arrived at Place Guillame at 1540. It then took a solid half-hour to find a car park, half a mile away but we did enjoy an extensive sight-seeing wander around the city. As ever meeting up with old friends over supper compensated for any deficiencies of the journey :)