Ride to Eat Nr 1 Center of Belgium Nil-St Vincent Febr.23,2019

Mr Frank

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Hi Michiel,
I'm in as well. Ibis booked
Good occasion for the A-4 to proof what it's made for :cool:
See you in the middle of Belgium...


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Sorry wrong RTE thread
I'm confused.

What is it that you're sorry about exactly? Presumably you came to this thread, by mistake?, and then felt the need to post something but couldn't think what as it's not the thread you intended to post in so you've left this mysterious apology instead? or did I miss something?


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Your correct Bob, I put a post on here by mistake. But found I could not delete the post. so rarther than leave an empty box I put,
"Sorry wrong RTE thread"
Have you moved up to Scunthorpe or whatever god forsaken place you were moving to?