Ride to Eat Nr 1 Center of Belgium Nil-St Vincent Febr.23,2019


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I am writing an open letter to all those attending tomorrows Euro R2E.

I apologise but for the first time in supplying IBA UK with patches or indeed any promotional goods, I have missed the deadline. The patches for this Euro R2E are still in transit from China to me. I was hoping they would arrive today and I would bring them the 522 miles myself but as I have received no customs documentation they will not. Here is a picture of the finished pre-production sample.
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There are many reasons I have missed the deadline but in line with any other bad news, I blame BREXIT.


Did any one check the spellings for February !!! Will it make the patches worth more in a few years time


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Did any one check the spellings for February !!! Will it make the patches worth more in a few years time
Obviously not. The sequence of events were:
My instructions to the designer had correct spelling.
Designer missed the first 'r' of February
I did not notice on visual.
Phil approved artwork.
Pre-Production from the factory arrived
I did not notice missing 'r' in sample
Phil approved visual to production
Chinese New Year interrupted production
UPS have not cleared customs for package delivery
More people than ordered 25 patches attended, 38.
New order placed for extra patches but do we run without one 'r' or do we correct it?

BTW Giel was copied in on visuals and samples but the finer points of English spelling are not his forte.

As Philo says: "Don't worry Dave - there are bigger problems then this...." and I tend to agree.


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Ah, you're still alive!

Henceforth, John Cunniffe shall be referred to, not as Arkwright, but as Captain Oates. He just popped out to the toilet, and was never seen again... I'm sure it will come as a relief to him that I ensured the wine and whisky that he abandoned in such a cavalier fashion came to no harm.

Captain Oates !! more your Mark Twain with tales of my demise being somewhat premature and all that .....
my apologies for my early retreat but a phone call back home needed my attention and that took way longer than I expected.