Ride to Eat nr 1 Lighthouse J.C.J. van Speyk Egmond aan Zee Netherlands febr 24,2018


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Booked 11pm with Stena. Flexi fare £82 with inside Cabin. Can cancel up to day before for £3.00 penalty.

Return, doing the 15:20 Chunnel, so Calais by 14:50. Leave from hotel 08:50 Sunday morning for a 4 hr run :)
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Hotel booked for Friday and Saturday nights.

Booking.com kept offering me £125, but I had to pay £133. Gods know why, I certainly don't.
Are you riding the full distance on the Friday Bob and staying 2 nights in Holland ?

John Broom

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Hi Michiel, count me in. Hotel booked, £74, ferry Harwich to Hook of Holland Friday night, return Sunday afternoon, £128 return.
Happy days. And Merry Christmas to one and all
Hi Michiel,
Please add me Steve Westall (Winglider) to your list.
Catching the overnight ferry from Harwich on Friday with a cabin. Booked for Saturday night in the hotel. And the afternoon ferry to Harwich home on Sunday.

Don't know why my Avatar has changed. This web site or my laptop is doing some wierd things at the moment.
I do like the picture though, it takes some going to get an 1800 Goldwing that far off the ground.
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