Ride to Eat Nr 1 Raalte Motormuseum Febr 27,2021

Safari Ferg

Safari Ferg
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Michiel's 1st organised RTE which we hopefully all can attend to!! Picture Bar Food as usual 4/6/7 style
American Motorcycle Museum,Zwolsestraat 63C,8101 AB Raalte https://www.ammh.nl nextdoor to Hotel Westcord Salland,Zwolsestraat 63E,8101 AB Raalte www.westcordhotelsalland.nl as well as Restaurant Taveerne Tivoli,Zwolsestraat 63, 8101 AB Raalte ,www.taveernetivoli.nl
coordinates W 52 23.88988 N 06 16.30

El Liste
1. Michiel Buitenwerf
2.Michiel Kerkhof
3.John Gann
4.Sean Sowley
5.Kim Leeson
6.John Cunniffe
8.Gordon Sears
9.Martin Buck
10Marc van Heelsbergen
11 Gerd Heinzmann
12 Jon Parsell
13 Daz nes
13/14 Graeme & Sally Dawson
15 Steve Winglider
16 Daz Nes
17. Graeme Ferguson

Peter Perfect

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I've booked the weekend Fri, Sat, Sun, off work (I had to use the days before March 6th, anyway) and if we can travel I'll come, and book a room if there is one, or one nearby..., in the meantime I'll continue cleaning and polishing....


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Sorry we are back in lock down, will have to pull out.

If by we are released from lockdown up to the Friday 26th I'll be there.


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Michiel, sorry will have to cancel at the moment. Covid lockdown and the understandable lack of welcome from the Dutch shown to non essential travellers from the UK.

Safari Ferg

Safari Ferg
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Sadly I will have to bail out of this ride due to COVID19 restrictions, I have emailed the hotel to cancel my reservations.
Still on track for #2 in Portugal.

"Nothing is definite until it happens, but is then subject to change"

michiel kerkhof

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Dear friends...I had hopefor a better start of 2021 but due to all ongoing misery with Covid-19 we have made the decision to postpone the Febr RTE to Raalte ,Netherlands to be held in febr 2022.Exact date to be announced later this year.Still have a little bit of hope we can have the RTE nr 2 in Manteigas..Will make final decision on that one by latest march 1 ...fingers crossed everyone!!