Ride to Eat nr 2 2017 San Marino


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I just booked it too through Late Rooms - as of Sunday night 4.12.16 they have 2 single rooms left.


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Looks like we can make it so add us both to the list however may have to leave after meal/photo need to be at work at 06.00 Monday
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I'm looking at options for the trip. Google Maps reckons it's 13 to 14 hours from Calais; combined with needing to get there by 3 pm on Saturday to be sure of making the cable car, that means Friday night will be spent part way there. So, options: something like a 7 am start from home on Friday morning, over to Calais, and ride for seven or eight hours (somewhere around Switzerland), and then have another 6 or 7 hours on Saturday. Or, leave home early evening on Thursday, overnight in Calais, avoid Pirates and aim to get 8 or 9 hours covered on Friday, leaving a gentle bimble (or possibly scenic detour round Italian lakes) on Saturday. Or, leave home late afternoon on Thursday, overnight ferry from Hull to either Zeebrugge or Europort, aim to get down to southern Germany or Switzerland/Liechtenstein on Friday, and onward to San Marino. Any thoughts? Anyone interested in meeting up on the way?

And since Monday is a bank holiday, it can be a two-day trip home as well - happy days.

I'm leaving Friday 11:20 chunnel, across to Luxembourg, Strasbourg, then Liechtenstein, stopping at Juffa Hotel Whipptal @ Steinbach Am Brenner, then onto San Marino. Ride will take me along Obersee Bodensee shore. Welcome to join me if you want a steady ride across Europe. Coming back via Monaco.

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my ride will depend on weather forecasts....riding to SM will be via Monaco and maybe a quick visit to Cingue Terra on Italian coast then across to SM....ride back will go via Rotterdam as have some business to take care off and then return home in time to swap bikes and pick up the Lahman,s at Cherbourg or close to it take them both down to Portugal for couple of days then return north to UK for BBR......so most of may will be spend on 2 wheels good practice for IBR!
Now moved chunnel to thursday early evening, want to enjoy the ride in daylight where at all possible. So will start from an F1 in Ballieul Friday morning fresh

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Hi would u told me when event in India..I want to participate..
Hi Santu....sorry we are unable to help you here we only organise rides to eat and rallies in Europe....if you look at the general page of IBA on this forum you may notice India has it's own page although I dont see a lot of action going on thjere.I know there are several IBA riders in India doing certified rides...you should try and get in touch with these riders on the India page! Good luck!!