Ride to Eat nr 2 Lighthouse Finisterre Spain april 28,2018


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I learnt a couple of valuable lessons today.

I am making this RTE a bit of a holiday so I have been meandering around northern Spain for a few days just visiting places that took my fancy and checking that the sun would be shining there.

Last night I decided to visit San Sebastian Wednesday, so went on to booking.co to find a cheap hotel. I found one at the right price in the centre of the old city, perfect.

Wrong!! The sat nav kept telling me to drive down pedestrian precincts, turn right or left where there were no left or right turns or down one way streets the wrong way. I rode round the city trying to find a way to my destination four times without any luck. In the end I parked up in a Moto parking bay and waited for a fellow motorcyclist to return to his bike to see if he would be willing to show me the way, with an offer of 10 euros.
I did not have to wait long. He spoke very little English but understood and agreed to lead me, declining my offer of 10 Euros.

Off we set up the road, turned left then a right turn in a pedestrian precinct where the road sign said no right turn. In fact most of the way was through pedestrian areas but no one seemed to care. We eventually got to a road that had a no entry sign. I could see that the hotel was only about 300meters down the road and turn right, but it was a no entry sign? I pointed this out to my Spanish good Samaritan. But he just shrugged his shoulders and said your hotel is down there. So off I set by now I did not care, only to get to the destination on the sat nav but no hotel.

I did eventually find the hotel about 200meters from the coordinates given on their web site in a completly different road, after a lot of walking down narrow cobbled streets and some help from locals.

Lesson 1

Don’t book hotels in old city centres. I may look handy to find a good restaurant or bar but could be a nightmare to get to.

Lesson 2

You only get what you pay for. If it’s cheap its probably crap.

This hotel was cheap, but it looked like a shit hole and when someone did eventually answer after pressing the door entry buzzer several times and phoning them once I spoke english they hung up. I did eventually get to speak to someone when a local called them. I was getting very pissed off by now. I was informed that they would not be there until 5pm. I told them that I would not be there at 5pm as I was canceling my booking. (the web site said checking was from noon till midnight).

I have complained to booking.com but I am not holding my breath.
That's 50 euros well spent as I asked for parking and they charge nearly 20 euros for that.

Now I have had a little rant I feel better :):):)

Mr Frank

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Hi Michael,

I'll be joining you as well in Finesterre:) Hope this won't make you any trouble with the dinner reservation.
Presently in a stop over in Biarritz with Willi...


michiel kerkhof

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Home again as well.....3 hrs rain and 8 degr turned to 17 and a little sunshine so arrived dry.....Good turnout with happy friends good times were had...onto the next 1....june will be organised by Michiel Buitenwerf as I will be chasing Yaks on a Beemer.....See you all hopefully again in Norway in august!


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Many thanks to you all, it was super meeting you and it was a great ride. Hope to meet you all again, as this might have been my first RTE but for sure hope it wont be my last :)


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I got back to Bristol totally saturated at midday having ridden through the yellow weather warning in Kent. Riding in that weather would not be too bad if it wasn't for commuters with fogged up windows!!!!


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Stopped in Poitiers Sunday night after torrential showers interspersing dry and overcast. Should have pressed on. Torrential rain all day today except for around Rouen where it snowed heavily. They even had snow ploughs out - I kid you not. Temperature went down to 1 and it was 50 miles of full blown blizzard with snow settling on the motorway.
Gale force winds for the last 130 miles and more torrential rain. Heated jacket packed up and waterproof jacket leaked. Got to Calais soaked and shivering to find the trains in a mess - they lost all power to one of the tunnels meaning a 3 hour delay.
Luckily a ‘loader’ took pity on me dripping and shivering so I got on a train with only an hour’s wait.
Heard the sad news about GaZZR when on the train.
More gales and rain back in Blighty with plenty of people driving like idiots on the M20.
Made it home borderline hypothermic but feeling lucky in comparison.
Not the best day.
Be safe all the rest of you.

michiel kerkhof

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This turned out to be a very sad event.I missed 1 on the list satnight figured he forgot to inform us of cancellation....only today finding out he was involved in a fatal crash on the A16 near Abbeville on his way to Finistere he hit a wild boar and had no chance at all.We all of course are so saddened by the news reaching us today.Our deepest feelings of sympathy we pass on to his family and friends.We will keep the forum informed on arrangements made for funeral services as soon as they are available.Godspeed Garry Schrutcher! We also wish Dave Clark a speedy recovery after his minor accident he had in Spain today resulting in a few bones broken in his foot.Hope all others arrived home safe as the weather has been seriously foul sunday and today
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The operation to repair toes seems to have been a success but I will know more later. I expect to be in hospital for 2 or 3 days as there are concerns about infections due to my recent chemo therepy. As it happens things could have been a lot worse as other news reminds us. Just have to start the insurance stuff now. I'm still glad I made the trip as it's always nice to meet friends old and new. Hope I can make it to the Greek RTE.


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Like some of you other guys I was hit by the bad weather on Monday but made it home a bit soggy but safe and sound, sad to hear the news.