Ride to Eat Nr 2. Manteigas,Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela,Portugal April 17,2021

michiel kerkhof

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This is to explain commitment for all who enter...I have found a hotel that can handle the expected 25-30 participants for this....This day it is a National Holiday in Portugal so they want 1 booking from me for the group but I will be responsible for payment etc so once I commit to a certain nr of rooms I cannot go back and reduce nrs.....so I need to know quickly who is coming and who is not.....the cost for a room I still have to negotiate on but it will be in the order of Euro 85-90 per person incl brekkies we are working on a fixed menu for all....1 advice for all that have never been there it is absolutely advised to stay an extra day in the area as the roads in the area are absolutely fantastic.....if the weather is cooperating of course!! pls let me know asap if you will be there or not......thanks....system will be as always....16.00 pic on mountain top very near to Manteigas 1574767449467.png coordinates N 40.321930 and W 7.613844 although I cant make that work in my GPS....could not check that out 2 weeks ago due to fog/rain....18.00 bar and 19.00 dinnertime although that may be considered too early for the Portugese....Hotel we stay in is Inatel coords from my GPS N 40 23 627 W 007 32 6944 single rooms are 73,00 double rooms 78 incl breakfast, dinner main course either Black pig grilled secretos with fries or River trout in a escabeche sauce with baked potatoes and vegetables in buffet style at 16 euro per person beverages not included.....there will be starters and dessert as well have no prices as yet for those but ...until jan 31 I have 17 singles and 2 doubles...the ultimate correct nr of rooms have to be decided by then latest and I have to pay for them all.We will have to break 1 rule the 7.....will become 7,30 this time which is best I could achieve...they consider we are taking lunch i.o dinner at that hour.....normal for Portugese is 9-10 O'clock.Breakfast 08.00-10.30

El Liste
1. Michiel Kerkhof *
2 Kim Leeson
3 Michiel Buitenwerf
4 Tommy Wendt
5-6 Sean and Jean double room
7 Jon12A
8 Henri Castillion
9 Marc van Heelsbergen*
10/28 Philippe Parein+ Cathy double room
11 Gerhard M Krueger
12 Chris Mc Gaffin
13 Mel Leeson
14 Gordon Sears (Twin room not double..2 beds)*
15 Erwin Starinck ( No Room)
16 Wilfried Weyers
17 Mr Frank (No Room)
18 Ziggy
19 Jonathan Baker 20 and Christina 1 double room *
21 Mikehi
22 Steve Winglider* Single room
23 Gerd Heinzmann *
24 FazerPhil
25 Len J.
26/27 Martin and Christine Grafton double room
28 Martien*Double room single occupant
29 Graeme Ferguson....Single room*
30 Lynn O'Kane *
31/32 Charlie Mccrea and Paula Mccrea.*
33 Peter Ramsbottom single room
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Mr Frank

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Thank you Giel, again you chose a very amazing area!
Add me onto the list please.
I think it is a good idea to arrive one or two days earlier....

Cheers, Frank