Ride to Eat nr 4 Riga aug 19,2017


Latvian emergency bike transport !!!!!!!
I'm at the hotel. Will be in and around Riga old town this morning. Look for my Explorer around the back or me in black IBUK t shirt (as I realise none of you know me!)



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We meet at House of Blackheads (Melngulju Nams)
Ratslaukins 7,Centra Rajons Riga LV 1050 Latvia at 1600 for the picture
N56 56.830 E 24 06.392.
Still working on hotel accommodation with safe parking....advising asap when done

1 Mike Strong
2 Michiel Kerkhof
3 Jonathan Baker
4 Gerhard M Kruger
5 Petri Myntti
6 Rudiger
7 Chris Richards
8 Tommy Time Bandit
9 & Heinke
Found it. It's covered in scaffold. Sat on monument at the top of the square in front of the "scaffold"