Ride to Eat nr 5 Andorra oct 21,2017

michiel kerkhof

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We meet at Sant Esteve dÁndorra La Velle on Placa del Princep/Carrer de la Velle at 16.00
N 42 30.433 E1 31.268

Hotel tru booking.com at 43 Euro/ Hotel Pyrenees Avingida Princep Benlloh 20
AD500 Andorra La Vella,Andorra
Hotel has private parking at extra cost...make sure you mention you want that booked if you wish to park secure
N42 30.438 E 1 31.175

1 Michiel Kerkhof
2 Gerhard M Kruger
3 Jonathan Baker
4 Joe Fisher
5 Chris Mc Gaffin
6 Phil Weston
7 Gordon Sears
8 Cicero
10 Tyler Zimmermann
11 John Cross
12 Wulston Melling
13 Colin ?
14 David Clark
15 Tommy Wend
16 Gerd Heinzmann
17 Philip Parein
18 Tom Loftus
19 Lucas conBarba
20 Rob Marsh
21 Bob M
22 Wilfried Weyers
24 Lynn O'Kane
25 RDJ
26/27 Martex&Christina
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John Broom

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Room booked. Just got to work on getting the Friday and Monday off. Wont be a problem as I work part time now,
and if I am not available, I just say so. See you there!